Westpark Counseling

Counseling Program Overview

At Westpark, our counseling program works diligently to meet the social and emotional needs of all students. We will develop self awareness and self management skills to achieve school and life success, use social awareness and relationship skills to establish and maintain positive relationships, and demonstrate positive relationship making skills in personal, school and community settings. Each classroom provides direct social and emotional instruction (SEL) using the Second Step curriculum. Second Step aligns with IUSD's SEL Standards and the CASEL 5 Core Competencies, Self- Awareness, Self- Management, Social Awareness, Relationships Skills, and Responsible Decision Making.  In addition to classroom lessons, students can also participate in smaller group support such as Lunch Bunch, Joyful Heart Joyful Mind, E.A.G.L.E. Club, and many other opportunities during the school day!

Individual & Small Group Counseling

The Elementary Resource Counseling program is designed to provide opportunities for students to participate in individual and small group counseling experiences that provide support and skill building for coping with family stressors, academic struggles, and personal issues.  It is not unusual for students to need focused help to strengthen their social- emotional skills in order to be more learning ready during different times in their childhood. Many children struggle from time to time with a range of family and life circumstances (divorce, loss, moves, stress) that make coming to school more difficult and we are here to offer tools and support.  Small group and individual counseling can be an excellent way for students to learn new skills, develop self- confidence, adjust behaviors, and learn to deal with challenges in healthy ways.


Services are provided during the school day, once a week for approximately 30 minutes.  These services are free of charge and voluntary. Every effort will be made to minimize the loss of important instructional time.  Please Note: Information shared by your child in counseling sessions will be kept confidential unless there is an indication that your child is in danger of hurting himself/herself or others, that someone may be hurting your child, or if there is intent to cause significant property damage.   


Parenting Information

Please find articles related to your child's wellbeing and social and emotional development listed here.  Should you need further support or information, please contact Duyen Diep at (949) 936- 6421 or DuyenDiep@iusd.org.


Skills for School;

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Parenting Strategies

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build Life Skills through play

A wonderful way for children to build resiliency, confidence, peer relationships,  and physical and mental wellness is through play! Support your child's strengths through some of the opportunities listed below:


Irvine Youth & Teen Sports Programs


City of Irvine Aquatics Centers


City of Irvine Children's Activities & Classes


City of Irvine Calendar of Events